In the complex world of construction projects, secure data management has become a fundamental requirement in the face of the growing threat posed by cyber attacks. SecNumCloud stands out as an essential solution for common data environments (CDE).

SecNumCloud is a security qualification issued by the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) to cloud computing service providers. This qualification certifies that these service providers meet the highest security requirements, from a technical, operational and legal point of view.

Discover the 3 key benefits of SecNumCloud!

1. Data sovereignty and localisation in France

Data sovereignty

Data sovereignty is a crucial consideration in construction projects, where sensitive and strategic information is exchanged daily between various stakeholders. The notion of data sovereignty refers to the ownership and control of data by the entity to which it belongs.

In the context of construction projects, this ownership and control is essential to guarantee the confidentiality and security of information. SecNumCloud offers users a guarantee that their data will remain under their jurisdiction, reinforcing confidence in the protection of strategic information.

Hosting in France

Hosting data in France is a significant advantage for SecNumCloud, proactively addressing data localisation concerns in the construction sector.

  • Compliance with local regulations: Hosting data in France ensures compliance with local regulations, guaranteeing that SecNumCloud’s data management practices comply with French data protection laws. This is particularly important in a sector such as construction, where regulatory requirements can vary by region and country.
  • Reducing legal risks: By opting for hosting in France, SecNumCloud minimises the legal risks associated with data localisation. Users can be sure that their data is subject to French law in the event of a dispute, simplifying the legal aspects of information management.
  • Reduced latency and improved performance: Hosting in France offers operational advantages in terms of reduced latency and improved performance. Data exchanges within construction projects benefit from greater responsiveness, optimising the efficiency of communications and collaboration between stakeholders.

Geopolitical risk management: In a global context where geopolitical tensions can affect data security, hosting in France is a guarantee of stability. It reduces the risks associated with political fluctuations and any restrictions on access to data imposed by other jurisdictions.

2. Enhanced data security

SecNumCloud offers enhanced data security through a comprehensive set of advanced security measures designed to meet the specific challenges of the construction industry. These are designed to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data throughout the life cycle of a project.

Advanced encryption

SecNumCloud uses advanced encryption to protect sensitive data stored and in transit. By employing robust encryption algorithms, it ensures that even in the event of unauthorised access, the data remains unintelligible and unusable.

Real-time monitoring

SecNumCloud incorporates real-time monitoring mechanisms, enabling rapid and proactive detection of suspicious activity. This includes monitoring audit logs, unauthorised access attempts and other indicators of potentially malicious behaviour.

Protection against external threats

Advanced firewalls and intrusion detection tools are deployed to protect data against external threats. These systems are constantly updated to keep pace with changes in attack techniques.

Regular back-ups and redundancy

SecNumCloud incorporates regular back-up mechanisms to ensure data recovery in the event of a disaster. Data redundancy also guarantees continuous availability, even in the event of hardware failure.

Preventing DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cripple operations, causing costly disruption. By monitoring traffic patterns and applying proactive countermeasures, SecNumCloud provides a robust defence against DDoS attacks, ensuring data is always available.

3. Compliance with the highest standards and certifications

SecNumCloud stands out for its compliance with the highest security standards, a fundamental feature for secure data management in the construction sector. This compliance is a guarantee of quality and reliability, assuring users that their sensitive data is handled with the utmost care. Here are some of the most relevant standards and certifications with which SecNumCloud complies:

  • ISO 27001: ISO 27001 is an international standard defining best practice for information security management systems. SecNumCloud is aligned with these rigorous standards to ensure that construction project data is comprehensively protected against threats.
  • ISAE 3402 Type II: This standard establishes criteria for assessing internal controls within a service provider. By obtaining ISAE 3402 Type II certification, SecNumCloud demonstrates its commitment to transparency and service quality, reassuring users about the reliability of their data management.

SecNumCloud is subject to regular audits. These audits assess compliance with security standards and the quality of internal controls, guaranteeing a high level of security for data in the construction sector.

SecNumCloud offers much more than simply securing data in construction projects. In an industry where every detail counts, SecNumCloud is the indispensable guardian of information integrity, helping to shape a future where data security is at the heart of every project.