Single Sign-On in Mezzoteam 5.5: simplify login and user management

Mezzoteam 5.5 was released at the end of May and integrates the Single Sign-On (SSO) option that allows you to access the solution with your company ID and password. 

What is Single Sign-On? 

Single Sign-On is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent, software systems (or secure websites). 

What are user trends regarding password security? 

Each website has its own requirements regarding passwords. According to 2 studies (*2017 Preempt study and **2017 Keeper study), users tend to:

  • Share their passwords: One in seven users reveal their password to a colleague*
  • Limit the complexity of their passwords: One in five company users has weak passwords*
  • Recycle their passwords: Eight in ten users have the same password for several sites**

Thanks to the SSO option

  • You can have a single password
  • You can sign in automatically
  • You can keep the same level of security
  • You can make life easier for the IT department of your company

SSO in Mezzoteam

  • An additional module
  • Accessible to both Cloud and Intranet customers
  • Easy to implement
  • For your customers or partners: login with native Mezzoteam authentication

In practice

For your first login: 

  • You enter your user ID
  • Your domain name is recognized
  • You are authenticated on your SSO server
  • You are logged in to Mezzoteam!

For subsequent logins: 

  • Your SSO session cookie is recognized
  • You are directly logged in to Mezzoteam!

SSO benefits

For users:

  • No specific password to remember
  • Transparent sign-in after initial authentication

For the IT department: 

  • Centralisation of authentication systems
  • Application of company security rules (password length, change/update frequency, etc.)
  • Less time spent on IT support related to forgotten passwords
  • Reduced “password fatigue”: passwords can be a lot more robust
  • Potential integration in an application portal

If you wish to have more information about the SSO implementation on Mezzoteam, contact us!