As a key player in the BIM market, we have been at your side for 35 years to support you in your construction projects and meet our one and only objective: to optimise the productivity of your projects and your teams on a daily basis.

Over the past 35 years, we have been able to adapt from EDM to business EDM, and today we are the French leader in CDE (Common Data Environment).

As the backbone of construction projects, Mezzoteam is built around 4 major axes that guide our strategic development choices:


To propose a CDE with a level of sovereignty security in line with the requirements of the project, in Cloud or On-premises, located in France


 To be the backbone of the project by facilitating the integration of data from third party tools and work hand in hand with leading partners in their fields


To help our clients to improve the performance of their projects and to better control the value chain, notably through BIM


 To support our clients in improving the impact of construction and in responding to this dual societal and regulatory challenge

Laurent Leenhardt, Executive Director of Software, explains this approach as follows:

” Building on our 35 years of expertise, we have established a solid development plan for the years to come, always with a view to improving our customers’ performance. We have doubled our investment capacity to accelerate our roadmap. To embody this plan, vision and strategy, we have decided to unify our offering and company names. Prosys has thus become Mezzoteam. Mezzoteam, Delivering projects together.”

We are taking an important step today by deciding to make this strategy even more visible by unifying our names: Prosys becomes Mezzoteam. Today, the Mezzoteam brand carries our most deeply rooted values in its very name.

  • Mezzo: the middle, the centre, the balance… the backbone of projects
  • Team: the human element, the team, the collaboration essential to any construction operation

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CDE leader: 30 seconds to understand the meaning of our new logo