The BHLS (Bus with a High Level of Service) in Cayenne, Eau de Paris and the restoration of the Grand Palais all had the honor of being awarded at the BIM d’Or ceremony (in October in Paris), all of which also use Mezzoteam CDE (Common Data Environment). Alban de Chasteigner, BIM Manager at Ingérop, Amed Keita, Project Manager at Eau de Paris and Thomas Noyon, BIM Manager at Colas Projects share their feedback.

The specificities of your project

Alban de Chasteigner (Ingérop, Grand Palais project, BIM d’Or 2022): The restoration of the Grand Palais is currently the largest cultural project in Paris. In 2016, Chatillon Architects decided to manage the project using a BIM approach in order to integrate all its technical complexity and to model the Grand Palais in its 1900 state. The consortium (Chatillon Architects, Ingérop, Cicad and Arcora) operated as an integrated unit for total coordination between architects and engineers around the BIM model.
Image: © Chatillon Architectes pour la Rmn – Square Jean Perrin

Amed Keita (Eau de Paris, BIM d’Argent 2022): Eau de Paris aims to create digital twins of its existing assets to improve the performance of its teams through virtual visits and documentary research. Two worksites began in 2018: the construction of a non-drinking water booster at the Passy reservoir and the modernisation of the Orly drinking water treatment plant. The existing structures were digitised and the new ones designed in BIM.
Image: © Eau de Paris – Réservoir de Passy

Thomas Noyon (Colas Projects, BHLS in Cayenne, BIM d’Argent 2022): The BHLS in Cayenne consists of 2 lines, 21 stations and 10 km of roadway. A project that required in-depth studies of green spaces and flood expansion zones. It is also 25 years of maintenance with BIM, which will allow maintainers to easily use the models and to have a global vision of the structure over time.
Image: © Colas Projects – BHLS in Cayenne

About the use of Mezzoteam CDE

Alban de Chasteigner (Ingérop, Grand Palais project, BIM d’Or 2022): In the design phase, Mezzoteam CDE enabled all documents and models to be shared and exchanged between the project management team. It was essential to ensure the traceability of document exchanges and to reduce email exchanges. The deliverables of the various design phases were also distributed to the project owner by Mezzoteam. For the construction phase, Mezzoteam allows the distribution of the deliverables of the execution studies and the various models. The document approval process is carried out on Mezzoteam. The dashboard is very practical and allows you to see the status of approvals instantly. Given the large number of participants (190 companies) and the complexity of managing 5 different work areas, numerous user groups were created to facilitate and streamline distribution.

Amed Keita (Eau de Paris, BIM d’Argent 2022): Mezzoteam has enabled us to optimise the management of the BIM process in both design and construction phases, particularly for the approval, inspection and model synthesis phases, as well as in the electronic management of documents. In this way, Mezzoteam has enabled the construction of a digital DOE in stages, and thus the digital twin of the installations that will be made available to operators.

Thomas Noyon (Colas Projects, BHLS in Cayenne, BIM d’Argent 2022): Mezzoteam’s great advantage is that this platform provides a rigourous frame in processes that is essential for this type of project. The implementation of Mezzoteam CDE guarantees a very clear organisation: documents are codified, traceability is ensured and, in the end, the whole project gains in efficiency and quality.

About Mezzoteam

Mezzoteam is a Common Data Environment (CDE) that enables thousands of construction stakeholders throughout the world to manage their models, documents and processes in complete safety. Used from the design phase through to the operation phase, the BIM collaborative platform is available in Cloud or On-Premises modes according to the needs of the project.

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