New release: discover the main features of Mezzoteam 5.7

  • understand document statuses immediately thanks to colours and icons  
  • save time with the upgrades provided on file management
  • deliver greater productivity thanks to the new BIM features
  • facilitate the work of the administrators

Colours and icons for clearer document statuses

Mezzoteam 5.7: document statuses

Mezzoteam has always enabled detailed management of document statuses, with customisable labels that are automatically associated to the documents. Release 5.7 of Mezzoteam enables to add an icon and a colour to each status. User can therefore see the status of the documents in the lists immediately.

Smarter file management

Mezzoteam 5.7: file management

Being able to manage several files in a single container is one of Mezzoteam’s strengths. Release 5.7 enhances file management by identifying a main file. This means that it is easier to view several files and publication messages are improved.

New BIM features

Mezzoteam 5.7: new BIM features

The BIM Browser has been regularly upgraded in the various versions of Mezzoteam, and version 5.7 is no exception to this rule. New commands let you isolate or hide objects by the object class or type selected in the Browser, the Properties window has been reorganised and new features let the user choose his own measurement units for the object attributes.

Simplify the work of the administrators

Mezzoteam workspace administrators have not been overlooked in version 5.7:

Mezzoteam 5.7: new features in the Administration
  • The administration sections have been reorganised by category
  • A field may now be cloned in form
  • There is a single login page for the Mezzoteam user site and the administration site.

Find out more about the new features in the Administration

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